At Cozy Home Recovery, food should be the least of your concerns. Your stay with us includes three full, hearty, and healthy meals a day. Our meal plan can be adapted to every clients needs. We welcome clients with dietary restrictions due to sensitivities, allergies or those simply following diets such as vegetarian or vegan. Be sure to let us know before your arrival. Unlimited snacks and drinks will also be made available to you around the clock. Staying hydrated and eating the right kinds of food is paramount for a speedy and successful post-op recovery.

Would you rather be in the comfort of your own hotel room or AirBnb while you recover? Then take our Private Care package into consideration! With the purchase of this service, we bring the full Cozy Home Recovery experience to you. This package is ideal for any clients wishing to recover in a completely prívate setting, while still having the necessary help to do so comfortably. Let us make the venue of your choice into the perfect Cozy Home Recovery experience.