Welcome to Cozy Home Recovery! Where the post-operative journey of your cosmetic surgery will be met with special attention and care. The second you walk into our Cozy Home, you will feel an aura of tranquility and warmth. Your smooth and successful recovery is our main goal. A comfortable and safe post-operative recovery is of the utmost importance for you to obtain the best results possible from your surgical procedure.

Anyone that has undergone plastic surgery knows how difficult it can be to get around on your own. Even trivial tasks can become a burden, and no one enjoys being uncomfortable, especially during this important period. It’s vital to receive the necessary help, attention, and care during the initial days after your cosmetic surgery. Having the help you need to care for yourself can also help avoid any number of complications. 

 Whether you need help to bathe, use the restroom, have food ready to eat, stay hydrated, take your prescribed medications, stand or walk around, remember that our attention is on your successful recovery so you can be the best version of yourself! 


Here at Cozy Home Recovery, you will be surrounded by the help and support along with other guests that are recovering just like you. Our Mission is to strive to ensure, your recovery is safe , tranquil, and successful in your home away from home. Cozy Home Recovery is sanitized, clean, and very spacious. We are committed to providing clients individualized attention and care.

We welcome clients with any kind of cosmetic surgery, including but not limited to breast implants, tummy tucks, and Brazilian butt lifts. Your body is your temple and must be given the care it deserves. There’s no better place for an exceptional recovery experience than Cozy Home Recovery!